Dorieke selected for prestigious international Talent Pressure Cooker program Bio Art Laboratories in Eindhoven

At the end of July I was informed that I have been selected to take part in the prestigious international Talent Pressure Cooker program of Bio Art Laboratories in Eindhoven. During a research period of 10 weeks I will look for opportunities to help bio-based and biodegradable alternative for the current acrylic paint for the creative sector. The focus here is on renewable natural material and organic polymers. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the transition to a sustainable art sector, where material use fits in with a circular vision.

During the Dutch Design Week 2018 in Eindhoven from 20 to 28 October, the research result (and hopefully a prototype product) will be presented to visitors and businesses. To meet the high travel, accommodation and presentation costs that come with this research period, I seek financial support through this crowdfunding campagne.

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