Only in Maastricht

Co-operation with Mr. Jörn Behage, sustainability designer

Project: Determining a series of colors based on raw materials from the Maastricht area and applying these in a series of scales based on biomaterials (biocomposites).

Objective: The aim of this collaboration is to create a color range based on the work of Dorieke Schreurs that represents Maastricht and its surroundings. On the basis of these colors, a number of color samples are assembled with which, based on biomaterials, a number of scales are developed. The intention is to develop a unique identity that expresses the recognisability of the city of Maastricht and its surroundings. Scales were chosen to develop knowledge about the processing technology of biomaterials in Maastricht.

The “Only in Maastricht” project offers both participating parties the opportunity to work on the development of a design language (color and shape) that is recognizable for Maastricht and the surrounding area. The project is also a start to work on a collection of interior products that fully fit the circular economy. The project “Only in Maastricht” is intended to give shape to an identity of Maastricht in which past, present and future are captured in products. This is based on knowledge of old crafts, raw materials and colors from the environment and these are embedded in products that fit into a circular society and are produced using modern technologies.

For the development of “Only in Maastricht” technologies and material compositions will be used from the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. Mr. Behage also has close contact with Brightlands (Heerlen & Geleen), Chill (biomaterials) and the RWTH in Aachen. The knowledge about materials and processing technologies at the various institutes will be used for the development and optimization of the designs. The “Only in Maastricht” project is structured in such a way that the concept can also be set up in other Cities / regions. However, the pioneering work will take place in Maastricht.