Dorieke at the TEDxMaastricht Pitch Night

Dorieke will speak at the TEDxMaastricht Pitch Night in the “Brandweerkazerne” on the Capucijnenstraat 21 in Maastricht on june 19 at 20:00.

She will speak about: “Why art should be seen as waste”. If you are nearby, come and visit me!

Update Biodegradable Research project

Another month gone by, time for an update on the Biodegradable Research Project!  For the little painting time goes  by and the process of degrading is showing more and more clearly. Where in the beginning of the process, only small flakes of paint were gone, slowly the whole painting seems to dissapear. The green surrounding the little burlap canvas is growing fast en here end there some brave roots are finding their way through the burlap. Little by little, day by day Nature is taking this piece of art back into her cicrle!

Update Biodegradable Research project

So it’s been a month already since I started this Reseacrh project by placing the painting in my garden. The purpose of the project is to register the biological degrading process of my art. Art which is in theory totally sustainable, circular, cradle-to-cradle and biodegradable… How this works practically demands further research, talking the talk now walking the walk! So I have been making photographs every day and the first signs of degradation are showing. On some spots, the layer of paint and gesso are dissolving, showing the bare burlap. The burlap itself doesn’t show any signs of degradation for now.

biodegradable research project


Welcome on my new website. If you enter a new road, you need a new website. The old website did not fit myself and my work anymore.

Please let me know what you think of it. Here you can read all news and messages from me and my work.