New paintings with natural pigments during Residency at Glo’Art

Last weeks  Dorieke was artist-in-residence bij Glo’ Art. From this residency two new paintings were produced, completely done in natural pigments.

"Give you roots and the Freedom to Grow" /1.90m x 1.40m/ tempera made with natural pigments on burlap/2018 “Give you roots and the Freedom to Grow” /1.90m x 1.40m/ tempera made with natural pigments on burlap/2018 /

It celebrates the relationship between human and nature, showing a pattern of light and shadow on hands holding a delicate root, against a background of dark soil. There is no light without darkness and no life without death…A large circle binds everything together, the colours/pigments/paint are made of soil, earth, nature…we are nature, earth, soil, it is the origin and destination of all, everything is connected. Nothing in life is permanent, be humble!


"Down to Earth" 1.90m x 1.40m tempera made with natural pigments on burlap, 2018

One of the large paintings I worked on as artist-in-residence : “Down to Earth” /1.90m x 1.40m/ tempera made with natural pigments on burlap/2018 /
It celebrates the relationship between human and nature, showing a figure standing on a surface of soil and roots, holding pieces of the same earth/soil in the hands. A large circle binds everything together, the colours/pigments/paint are made of soil, earth, nature…we are nature, earth, soil, it is the origin and destination of all, everything is connected. Nothing in life is permanent, be humble

Artist in Residence at Glo’Art

Starting on January 8, together with six other international artists, Dorieke will be  Artist in Residence for 4 weeks at Glo’Art in Belgium.

The goal of Glo’Art is to discover and coach talented artists from around the world and to offer them the possibilities to grow and develop.

On social media, and on the project page,  reports will be done from this residency.

Mijn webshop is live!

From today onwards you can also order my Fine Art cards and custom orders via a separate webshop. These prints are used by me to try out color samples that originate from the research into natural color pigments.

The A4 prints are made according an original design by my hand and printed on biodegradable “growing paper”. This is paper made from recycled paper and in which seeds have been processed. Each print is separately painted and / or drawn, making them all one of a kind!

They are part of my concept, my vision … make art, not waste! It is a small circle, the raw materials of the artwork come from the earth, nature, if the artwork is no longer desired it can be returned to the earth, to nature. Place it under a thin layer of soil in the spring / summer and nature will bloom again, coming full circle and a new cycle can start.

By purchasing these prints you support my work and research as an artist and researcher. In addition to the prints, it is now also possible to place a custom order for the soil types of loess and local limestone.

The print is worked out in a concept in a box, a total picture of the work process. The box contains a sample of raw material, pigment, paint, the print and a color chart. These drawings are made on request and have a delivery time of two weeks.

Take a look at the webshop by clicking through the menu at the top!

Dorieke in local media

Yesterday a single spread was published about  Dorieke and her werk in the CNME Lab at Dagblad De Limburger. You can click on the article below to read it (Dutch only)

She was also on the local radio last saturday for the L1 Radio program “Limburgs Land“. You can hear a transscript here. (Dutch only)

Limburgs Land lokale mediaWould you like to know more about her and her work?? Visit her in her lab! Contact us to make an appointment.



Public workshop Couleur Locale, November 19

On Sunday, November 19, the first public workshop of Couleur Locale will take place.

The workshop takes place from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and takes place in the lab of Couleur Locale, at the CNME Natuurtuinen Jekerdal, Drabbelstraat 7 Maastricht.

We start with explanation about the project, explanation of my research, vision, art and sustainability and my free work, a small tour of the lab and the garden. Then, students start working on the conversion of raw materials such as loss and marl in useful paint pigments. With these pigments we are going to paint on a natural basis (tempera technique). The paint can be tested on a small panel, but the focus of this workshop is on the process, not on visual results.

The cost is € 50.00 including all material, coffee / tea, excluding lunch.

The workshop will continue with enough entries, if you know interested for now or next time, sharing information is highly appreciated!

If you have any questions, I’d love to hear.
Click here to take part!

Biodegradable Research Project Timelapse

Last summer I researched how my work is taken back by nature. Previously I shared the progress of the decay of this work.  After 65 days the painting was practically gone and only the burlap was left.

All images aken during this Project have now been processed into a Timelapse video, which beautifully shows the decaying process. This video can also be found on the Project Page..

Waste of Colour/ Colour of Waste nu te zien!

The installation “Waste of Colour/Colour of Waste”, made in assignment for CityLiv / Cultura Nova, is now on show in the Collectors House in Heerlen.

The installation visualizes the proces of old roof tiles, made from natural clay, to art. Visitors see how a pile of old roof tiles slowly crumble into a fine pigment powder, this pigment turns into paint and ends in a wall full of art prints which have all been worked on with “roof-tile-paint”. The prints are made on growingpaper, this is recycled paper with integrated flower seeds. When the art is put in soil, given back to nature, the paper will degrade and new nature will arise…full circle!

Installation Dorieke part of CityLiv 2017 during Cultura Nova!

During CityLiv 2017 , a part of Cultura Nova, one of my installation pieces will be on show.  It caries the title  “Waste of Colour / Colour of Waste ” (exploring boundaries). 

CityLiv takes place during the  summer festival Cultura Nova and during the Festival of the Future.

Date: 19 t/m 27 August  +  14 en 15 September 

Hours: 14.00h – 20.00h

Free Entry!

Please follow this page and the homepage of for the latest news and updates! More images and information will be available at a later time on the Project Page.

Couleur Locale, the making of an artist studio/lab!

Today the activities started in the beautiful space at CNME Maastricht! Throughout the summer I will be working very hard here, with assistance of employees and volunteers, to make sure the place will be ready for the start of the project. A whole year I will be able to work here and do further research into inorganic and organic pigments.

The space was still filled up with materials and stuff no longer needed, so everything was sorted, moved and put away. Now it becomes clear what we can do with the space…Next week we will start cleaning the space and slowly turning it into a artists studio/lab. It will become a place where I can work, do my research, but it will also be a place for educational purposes. For local schools, art students, fellow artists or other interested people.

I will keep you updated through this site, have any questions or are you interested in my work/research? Dont hesitate to leave a reaction or contact me!