Synergy between art, man and the Earth

I am fascinated with human life and the world surrounding us. Emotion, and how it portrays itself in the human body, face, feet and mostly hands.

I search for beauty in simplicity, concentrating on the little things, close to nature, hands deep in soil. Landscapes of the soul.

Quick expressive movement, clean lines, pure tempera brush strokes and a strong composition.

The work clearly dissociates from a world based on appearances. Pure and unconstrained, poetical with a symbolic tension.

Hue after hue following in a spherical whole, in which sometimes seemingly contradicting emotions reinforce each other.

My fascination as an artist concentrates more and more on the role of humans in this world. The relationship between human and nature & sustainability are reoccurring themes. This is very much visible in the creative process and use of material. choosing with strong conviction to work with natural materials only and according to old painting techniques. I find beauty in the simplicity of the rough, pure burlap, the home made gesso, the natural pigments.

I choose to use these kind of materials, the craftsmanship and the cradle-to-cradle way of thinking and working, because, in my opinion, image and content have to work together in a good piece of art…they have to strengthen each other instead of contradict. An artwork exposing a theme like sustainability, but made with non-sustainable materials is just a bad piece of work, a paragon of hypocrisy. I believe the art world should be progressive and innovative, but in the case of sustainability it painfully lags behind.

So therefore more and more intense, the work evolves around not only concentrating on the image, but also the creative process, the source of materials, the search for natural and sustainable alternatives. Sustainability, climate change, our relationship with the earth we live on, these are defining issues of this generation and the ones to come. This also makes the work a reflection of the time in which we live.

My art is about trying to bridge that gap of consciousness, about re-connecting with nature and reviving that sense of wonder and care for all that surrounds us.

Art concentrating on subjects such as climate change, mass extinctions and wasteful consumption shouldn’t all be about doom and gloom, this approach can immobilize people. I believe that real change comes from positivity!